The Story

Le Tour de Gippslandia 2017

As seen in Gippslandia Issue 03

A number of Gippslandia’s team enjoy pushing pedals and lusting over opulent bicycles that their partners would never provide approval for purchasing — Bastion Cycles sleek carbon fibre frames and 3D printed aerospace grade titanium alloy lugs, make for no exception.

Whilst longing for world-class cycle gear may be a quiet passion of ours, it’s that Bastion was born as a proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes of the Altona Toyota factory closure that made us look closer. When 1200 workers were made redundant, Bastion’s three founders, Benjamin Schultz, James Woolcock and Dean McGeary, shifted the skills they’d acquired in the declining automotive manufacturing industry to high-performance bicycle fabrication. We had to know more, so we invited them to bring their best gear to ride our best hills; and with the Tour de France just weeks away, we launched the first Tour de Gippslandia.

Photography // Andrew Northover
Art Direction // Si Billam
Produced by The View From Here on behalf of Gippslandia.

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The Film

ISSUE 3 // Let's roll. The wait is over. Find it near you soon Produced by the great team at The View From Here / Gippslandia Cinematography & Production: Andrew Northover Art Direction: Si Billam-Santos Executive Creative Direction: John Calabro Huge thanks to Bastion Cycles for their time and effort getting up those hills in the snow!

The Photos

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Behind the Scenes

Images captured by Si Billam, edited by Andrew Northover.