Re-Activate Latrobe Valley

Get Stuffed Campaign

Get Stuffed is about strengthening the local food economy, creating jobs and improving community health. The Latrobe Valley has an unemployment rate of 9.6% (at July, 2016) and one of the highest rates of obesity in the country at 75%. By alleviating income inequality through job creation and skill building, we are tackling the root causes of poor health. We're also making fresh, locally produced food more abundant and accessible in the process. 

As a food network initiative Get Stuffed aims to address prevalent health issues in the Latrobe Valley, but makes the important acknowledgement that poor health has a range of causes. Since our goal is to improve access to fresh, local and healthy food we are looking for the root causes of the limited access that many Latrobe Valley community members experience.High rates of unemployment and disengagement play a big part in the community health issue, so one of our primary aims is to create local jobs and new industries through the local food economy. We believe that by doing this we will alleviate the impacts of wealth disparity and social marginalisation, while making local food more readily available.

The brief

In order to portray the message to the community in both an abrupt and playfully humorous way, the brief required portraits of the general public 'stuffed' with vegetables and salads. The images were to be used in both print and online mediums, and were placed all over the region to promote Reactivate's initiative. 

Read about the program and Re-Activate's work here.


Project completed on behalf of The View From Here.